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  • It is true, yes - I do have Patreon support from non-Espruino board owners (although most supporters do appear to have Espruino boards). I really like the idea of http2https especially for testing, but I'd say it's a bit dodgy for anything remotely production-worthy.

    I'm looking seriously at the idea of creating a proper web service that could provide a secure connection to ESP8266 and other boards - for the IDE as well as data. If I can be sure of the HTTPS server being connected to I can restrict packet sizes and can reduce the memory needed for the TLS implementation a huge amount.

    However I'm still unsure if enough people would pay for it to make it worthwhile. I guess an obvious solution would be to come up with another KickStarter campaign and see if enough people were willing to commit to a year's worth of service.

    But I'm totally sidetracking this thread - so if there's interest we should discuss it elsewhere.


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