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  • Thanks for your quick replies. I will order a Pico today.

    It seems that if one uses the RN2483, they still have to programme it in Arduino Sketch. So, they don't actually simplify development to one language(javascript). For example, I need to conserve power as my device will be out in the field. I will still have to use Arduino Sketch to configure the RN2483 to wake up only say, twice per day.

    Perhaps the only way to just use Javascript is if I buy a SX1276/77/78/79 LoRa Module? But these modules do not appear to be production ready. Perhaps I am missing something?

    Also, why would someone choose the Espruino WiFi when they are connecting via LoRa? "If you're using this breakout board then you can place it in breadboard alongside an Espruino Pico or WiFi, making sure it connects as follows..."

    Finally, Things Connected have a step by step guide for the RN2483 which you might find interesting­#step-1_4


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