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  • Have you seen this page?

    That'll get you connected to the RN2483, and then it's a matter of connecting to LoRa.

    It should be as easy as:

    var RN2483 = require("RN2483");
    Serial1.setup(57600, { tx:B6, rx:B7 });
    var lora = new RN2483(Serial1, {reset:B3});
    /* configure the LoRaWAN parameters
     devAddr = 4 byte address for this device as hex - eg. "01234567"
     nwkSKey = 16 byte network session key as hex - eg. "01234567012345670123456701234567"
     appSKey = 16 byte application session key as hex - eg. "01234567012345670123456701234567"
    lora .LoRaWAN = function (devAddr, nwkSKey, appSKey, function() {
      lora.loraTX("Hello", function() {

    But I don't have a LoRa base station set up here to test with I'm afraid. I'll see if there's anyone that has had it working that can confirm.


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