• when using in landscape mode, the screen use is far from optimal.

    @PiAir does the Web IDE at https://www.espruino.com/ide/ work a bit better for you? That page really is just a demo to get you started.

    Is there an industry over/under for betting wether or not Apple implements some web BLE / "physical web" type stuff ever ?

    @user75010 as far as I can tell, so far there's been zero interest from Apple. I mean, their browsers still don't support standard web stuff like getUserMedia, so the chances of BLE are pretty slim right now.

    However I imagine that there is some chance that Google will add it to Chrome for iOS at some point, so asking users to install Chrome isn't too bad.

    I just can't tell my users to "go use this specific browser" on IOS.

    I would have thought that David (the developer) would be willing to rebrand the WebBLE app into an app specifically for your company that went straight to your web page. I imagine it'd be by far the cheapest way to get a multiplatform Bluetooth solution.


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