• ESP32 module, WIFI connected.

    In C native code , I send datas to a server by a socket connection.

    JsVar *req = jswrap_net_connect(options, callback, ST_NORMAL);
    JsVar *data = jsvNewFromString("Hello world" ); ///< Create a new string
    jswrap_net_socket_write(req, data);

    The server receives the data correctly, then it sends a response string "hello client" to ESP32.

    bool waitForInput(JsVar *req) {
      JsVarFloat now = jshGetMillisecondsFromTime(jshGetSystemT­ime());
    	//unsigned long now = millis();
    	while (!jswrap_stream_available(req) && ((jshGetMillisecondsFromTime(jshGetSyste­mTime()) - now) < 30000UL)) { jshDelayMicroseconds(200); }
        return true;
    	return false;

    I use waitForInput to detect response data, but it always return FASLE.

    And, should I use the following function to receive data?

    JsVar *jswrap_stream_read(JsVar *parent, JsVarInt chars);

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