• @Gordon
    Your code enhance the performance of 'ws' aobut five times.

    in the 'ws' codes:

        var mask = [];
        for (var ix = 0; ix < 4; ix++){
          var rnd = Math.floor( Math.random() * 255 );
          mask[ix] = rnd;
          //masked += strChr(rnd);
        var masked = new Uint32Array(1+((msg.length+3)>>2));
        var m8 = new Uint8Array(masked.buffer, 0, (4 + msg.length));
        var m = masked[0];
        for (var i=1;i<masked.length;i++) {
        // E.mapInPlace could be even faster here


    connected? err= null info= {
      "ip": "",
      "netmask": "",
      "gw": "",
      "mac": "30:ae:a4:03:96:a8"
    Packet NO.: 1, time used: 0.122781s
    Packet NO.: 2, time used: 0.130532s
    Packet NO.: 3, time used: 0.130694s
    Packet NO.: 4, time used: 0.121443s
    Packet NO.: 5, time used: 0.122264s
    Packet NO.: 6, time used: 0.128198s
    Packet NO.: 7, time used: 0.118977s
    Packet NO.: 8, time used: 0.128156s
    Packet NO.: 9, time used: 0.126372s
    Packet NO.: 10, time used: 0.128605s
    Packet NO.: 11, time used: 0.123227s
    Packet NO.: 12, time used: 0.129712s
    Packet NO.: 13, time used: 0.122637s
    Packet NO.: 14, time used: 0.128667s
    Packet NO.: 15, time used: 0.123411s
    Packet NO.: 16, time used: 0.122551s
    Packet NO.: 17, time used: 0.130601s
    Packet NO.: 18, time used: 0.124756s
    Packet NO.: 19, time used: 0.130782s
    Packet NO.: 20, time used: 0.125312s
    Packet NO.: 21, time used: 0.125905s
    Packet NO.: 22, time used: 0.142719s
    Packet NO.: 23, time used: 0.127608s
    Packet NO.: 24, time used: 0.126586s
    Packet NO.: 25, time used: 0.127527s
    Packet NO.: 26, time used: 0.131625s
    Packet NO.: 27, time used: 0.134015s
    Packet NO.: 28, time used: 0.13283s
    Packet NO.: 29, time used: 0.132503s
    Packet NO.: 30, time used: 0.125586s
    Packet NO.: 31, time used: 0.134384s
    Packet NO.: 32, time used: 0.133459s
    Packet NO.: 33, time used: 0.128191s
    Packet NO.: 34, time used: 0.12743s
    Packet NO.: 35, time used: 0.133592s
    Packet NO.: 36, time used: 0.134646s
    Packet NO.: 37, time used: 0.132336s
    Packet NO.: 38, time used: 0.128793s
    Packet NO.: 39, time used: 0.137423s
    Packet NO.: 40, time used: 0.128829s
    Packet NO.: 41, time used: 0.127535s
    Packet NO.: 42, time used: 0.135589s
    Packet NO.: 43, time used: 0.129962s
    Packet NO.: 44, time used: 0.135888s
    Packet NO.: 45, time used: 0.127731s
    Packet NO.: 46, time used: 0.13064s
    Packet NO.: 47, time used: 0.135926s
    Packet NO.: 48, time used: 0.135231s
    Packet NO.: 49, time used: 0.135276s
    Packet NO.: 50, time used: 0.137039s
    Packet NO.: 51, time used: 0.136779s
    Packet NO.: 52, time used: 0.132308s
    Packet NO.: 53, time used: 0.130578s
    Packet NO.: 54, time used: 0.130833s
    Packet NO.: 55, time used: 0.145101s
    Packet NO.: 56, time used: 0.134404s
    Packet NO.: 57, time used: 0.138408s
    Packet NO.: 58, time used: 0.132389s
    Packet NO.: 59, time used: 0.146416s
    Packet NO.: 60, time used: 0.136446s
    ERROR: Out of Memory!
    ERROR: Ctrl-C while processing interval - removing it.
    Execution Interrupted during event processing.
    at line 1 col 461
    in function "send" called from line 2 col 23
    in function called from system

    What strange is that after 60 packets are transfered, the program throws " out of memory " error, every time.

    AND , when the server receives the second packet, it crashed every time.

    Server is listening on port 5004
    a client connected
    isTalking : false
    <Buffer 81 fe>
    received data: 1,230
    <Buffer 35 38>
          throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
    Error: invalid opcode: 5

    The first two bytes of the first packet is correct, and that of the second packet is wrong. The first tow bytes of the second(and every frame/packet) should be , but they are now.

    The error is throwed by the codes in Receiver.js of ws module on nodejs

    if ((buf[0] & 0x30) !== 0x00) {
          this.error(new Error('RSV2 and RSV3 must be clear'), 1002);

    I'll try to find the problem.


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