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  • Thanks Gordon.
    I review the stuff so far:data relative to supply was a new one.
    At some stage, I may even get code on it :)

    I try first with the extra neopixels that come from the middle of the concentric rings: they fit perfectly into the extra puck.js housing I have with another puck.js in its own housing, a fun shape when the two housings are put together back to back
    (wonders if there is room for a gyro in the second housing: stop, get the neo done Owen)

    I am really beginning to like oesterle battery replacer :)

    usa : needs to find something closer with postage

    Project 2 : make a battery converter: two pieces of metal and some plastic in the middle: should be "ok" and the "leads" can hold the whole thing nicely if done correctly.

    Update on the NeoPixels after Easter as Lara has to have time to be involved in the project: and also program the thing:)