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  • OK: my 8 yr old's puck is about to be soldered but ...
    Just to be 100% and as I am ill with one hell of a cold, NeoPixel signal: what is the prefered output pin?
    For general info: the power line and gnd get made into a bus (bare metal), the in and outs get small insulated connections.
    Gnd and power to the neopixels get exposed at the edge (for strap so the thing can be a nice necklace)
    Other signals get exposed at edge: touch would be good.
    The thing can be a put on the wall, put on a shelf (with nice wooden holder)
    Power in neclace scenario is batteries behind her hair with breakable connections so she doesn't get caught (power and gnd to NeoPixels will be exposed at edge and in middle area)

    Solder is maybe this evening if I feel my head can take it

    Edit: not easily seen is the thin wood in front of NeoPixels
    also note, the sweet spot for a nice spreading of the puck's own led's is about 1cm away from the wood: this is not being addressed just yet: I am going for a flatish back and maybe can add something in the front circle "one day"
    Note that the battery is replaceable ie the puck pcb is level with back, battery container is exposed for easy battery replacement

    Edit: there was a delay due to me losing the puck.js from 11 dys !!!
    Found :)

    yep :) @oesterle there was the possibility to try: so I tried it
    Cardboard, is also possible, and if the correct type, just as good


    came up on my screen with the start about the "clock": this is also a clock 24/12 rings: so somethings, one can't just do with a micro controller, some bits and pieces needed. Thank goodness for Espruino to allow time for the bits and pieces( when I finally get rid of this flu that just turned into hayfever :( )

  • Sun 2017.03.19

    Hello Owen,
    I have been following along since project inception and I am as excited as your daughter will be once this ornament is glowing, especially in the dark!!

    Just to be 100% and as I am ill with one hell of a cold, NeoPixel signal: what is the preferred output pin?

    Although your discourse hasn't included the extent of your background in electronics or programming, forgive me if the following sounds audacious. also, . . . hope you are feeling better.

    There isn't an indication as to whether the NeoPixel(s) has been fired up yet, (I see the wood rings have been though) ;-)

    I blindly followed the example tutorial code on both a Pico and an ESP8266 with no regard to output pin selection, just changing the code to represent which pin the NeoPixel data pin was wired to, and had no issue. The device and NeoPixel have been running for two weeks solid and no smoke yet. ;-)

    Now, with that said, the NeoPixel is a power hog. Will you be notifying the power company before you fire this up?

    I wired mine through a separate wall-wort with a 3.3v regulator for the ESP8266. But I see 61 NeoPixels, which will pull over an amp just with basic code fiddling. Don't believe the Puck will keep up with that demand, definitely not with a CR2032. If the code requires constant white with all on, expect stuff to get quite warm. (20ma * 3 colors ea NeoPixel)

    Discovered this tidbit:

    PICO: 25mA by pin, but not more than 120mA for all pins together. forum post

    My guess is that the decision for a separate supply has already been discovered as only around 5 or 6 LEDs can be powered directly from the Puck itself, any Espruino board for that matter.

    Hope the soldering part is going well and can't wait for the animated video . . . .


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