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  • The SunLED XZTNI53W-8 may be a drop-in replacement.

    • 60° angle, vs 120° (Kingbright)
    • 2.8 mW/sr, vs 2mW/sr (Kingbright) (CIE127-2007) (both at 20mA)

    • USD 0.23/ea in qty 100.

    Something like the SunLED XZTNI55W-3 might be interesting down the road. The footprint is 3.2 x 1.6mm (vs 1.6 x 0.8, for the Kingbright APT1608F3C).

    • 40° angle, vs 120° (Kingbright)
    • 4.8 mW/sr, vs 2mW/sr (Kingbright) (CIE127-2007) (both at 20mA)

    • USD 0.22/ea in qty 100.

    Supposedly, these are “Ideal for indication light on hand held products.” 🤔


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