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  • Wow, nice use of array.shift() and the setTimeout argument there!

    Yes, it's not great at long distances. It will be slightly better without the silicone top on, but perhaps only 50%.

    The idea is that because Puck.js is wireless and battery powered, you stick it near the thing you want to control with IR, and then you either control Puck.js with another Puck.js or via a phone.

    I have just found a potential software issue which means that Puck.js might not be driving the IR LED quite as hard as it could be, so I'll see what I can do to improve that now - however I can't promise much.

    Another option mentioned in the post @navas linked is to wire up an external IR LED. You could even wire up multiple LEDs in different locations if you really needed to send signals in different directions (eg, one inside a cupboard)


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