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  • wow: those stats just went high.
    Not sure how to interpret puck.js perceived decrease in stat: this could be worrying but could be the event of something new (peek) and then into normal usage (january).

    I only buy original boards :) and micro:bit just hasn't the memory
    Edit: Ok Ok, I give a $1 for micro:bit users and post on the micro:bit slack community forum
    Edit edit: can the stats appear on the patreon? I was going to reference the stats in other forums but then thought it could be a "good" place for the stat
    Edit edit eDIT: espruino is not on LinkedIn: business exposure and I wasn't able to add with reference to a LinkedIn Company for patronage (I didn't get kudo points for my cv: there is no self-less act)

    As usual, no comment needed for above: but think about the LinkedIn Company Precense