• Just posted a video to YouTube of a work in progress:

    Hello, Puck! – Puck.js in 30 seconds.

    Added this description:

    Hello, Puck! demonstrates many of the built-in features of Puck.js.
    Like Arduino, you can use Puck.js to build IoT devices. While you code
    Arduino in C++, Puck.js runs JavaScript. Like the Amazon Dash, you can
    program behaviors accessible with a single button click.

    • Web Bluetooth IDE and console • Button • RGB LEDs • Temperature
    sensor • Battery sensor • Magnetometer: movement, orientation,
    magnetism • Nearby BLE devices • Light sensor • NFC URL broadcasting
    and field detection

    Visit http://puck-js.com to learn more.

    I'm cleaning up the code and will share it here.


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