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  • I've just launched a Patreon page, where you can help support my work on Espruino (if you want to!)

    It's a bit like an ongoing KickStarter, where you contribute monthly and if I reach certain funding targets I'll commit to doing certain things.

    Espruino is getting more and more popular, but only quite a small proportion of Espruino's users are using official Espruino boards.

    From the start my intention was always to support as many boards as possible, but the realities of trying to pay myself a salary have meant that I've ended up having to focus on just the boards that I sell. I don't want to do that - I want to help make Espruino better on all boards, and if you contribute on Patreon you'll help me do that!

    (You'll also get a little badge thing on the forum, and I'll start a Patreon-only area where I'll try super-hard to solve any problems you might have :)

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