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  • Thanks!

    With the columns: in the .py file, scan_pin_file has some offsets as arguments. I guess it'd be nice if it worked them out from the CSV headings really...

    Glad it's actually working though - if the serial is working at 9600 baud it means all the clock divisors are right too.

    So I'd take a look at­e/master/targetlibs/stm32f4/usb and­e/master/targetlibs/stm32f4/usblib and try and compare them with ST's examples for the F401. My guess is there's something a bit different in the USB initialisation.

    It's quite likely it's to do with 'USB disconnect' - there's usually a resistor that connects one of the USB data lines to 3.3v (which signals that there's a USB device on the line). The F4 appears to have that built-in, so there might be some problem activating it.

    The good news is once that is fixed, the F429 discovery will probably spring into life too!


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