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  • They're all Kingbright - APT1608LSECKJ3RV, APT1608LZGCK and APT1608LVBCD. The idea is they're better at low currents like ~2mA

    Your LEDs are 100mcd, 50mcd, 24mcd for RGB, respectively.

    This RGB LED, also Kingbright, might be interesting.

    It's cheaper, brighter, and blended.

    It's 60mcd, 180mcd, 30mcd (typical) at 2mA. Overall, that's 100mcd brighter than your current ones. (chart attached)

    It's about USD 0.31 ea, qty 2000, vs about USD 0.46 for your current 3 LEDs. It's 2mm high (about 1mm taller than your current ones) but should have a more blended color output. It might end up with a smaller beam, but that would also be perceptively brighter. I think this would increase perceived quality.

    One could still do the half dome mod (ping pong ball or 3D printed form).

    I'm wondering now whether a thin disc of perspex with one side roughed up would solve both problems?

    Edge-lit, laser-etched Perspex (acrylic) is a great way to do diffusion in small quantities; I do this frequently when prototyping products at the design firm where I work. But there isn't enough room in the Puck to do it properly. And that's fine.

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