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  • LEDs

    They're all Kingbright - APT1608LSECKJ3RV, APT1608LZGCK and APT1608LVBCD. The idea is they're better at low currents like ~2mA - since you shouldn't be drawing loads of power out of the CR2032

    My worry with an RGB chip is that it'll be taller, so while giving better mixed light will actually give an even less diffuse spread of light. I'm wondering now whether a thin disc of perspex with one side roughed up would solve both problems?

    I think if I had a reset button it'd get accidentally pressed? My hope is as the software gets more mature, there will be less and less need for a reset. I think even now, often it's done as more of a troubleshooting measure?

    I've noticed the silicone picks up dust too - I'm not sure there's much that can be done about that. At least if I were to sell tinted black covers then it would be less obvious :)


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