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  • Hi,

    Sound: it would be good - but not an option for this one. Maybe a super-puck :)

    Pads: as I said above, I've put holes where I can. I can't put any where the battery is as they'd short out. It's a 2 layer board, so it's much tighter fitting stuff in,

    Double row with two different pitches: it's to fit a Seeed Grove connector, so once you add a connector you can easily plug a bunch of extra stuff in.

    Why do you want the extra pins? Just because they're there? So far I've hardly seen anyone soldering anything on - and besides, there are always IO expanders you can add. It's not like you're going to want a huge bundle of 15 wires poking out of the Puck anyway... If you need that much IO then a different board sounds in order.

    Light mixing: right now I'm using some special high-efficiency LEDs which I don't believe I can get in a mixed package, but I could potentially drop those. The light would be better mixed, but I bet the output would be even less dispersed from an all-in-one package :(

    A really quick fix would be for me to change the resistor values to make sure that when all LEDs were turned on full the colour was a lot more white. Also I'd found that putting a little blob of something like hot glue over the LEDs diffuses and mixes everything a lot - so I could get that done.

    Preloading: it seems like a nice idea. I'm not so sure about the advertisements - anything that could potentially cause problems connecting seems like a bad idea - but LED lights on startup and maybe making it a BLE HID device that presses 'Enter' when pressed could be good.

    Tapping the device with an Android phone could redirect to

    It does that already :)

    Keyed insertion: Yes, I really wish I'd added that. It's too late to change the moldings now, but 'this side down' text around the edge at the bottom, and maybe something to show where the ledge should be would really help.

    Battery insulator: Yes, I've already asked Seeed about that - the original one was stupid :)

  • Tapping the device with an Android phone could redirect to

    It does that already :)

    Oh. I guess I could have tried that with an Android phone before posting. :-D


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