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  • Please could you start a new thread for this, with the example code you're using?

    It's worth noting that:

    • Only one device can be connected to Puck.js at a time
    • Changing the services requires you to disconnect and then reconnect before they'll take effect.

    If you're trying to read button clicks, did you consider:

    • Just making it a BLE HID device
    • Using advertising, and setting advertising data to the number of times the button was pressed (there's an example on the forum somewhere) - it's quick, easy, low-power, and doesn't require pairing. Because it's counting button presses it can cope with you pressing the button really fast as well.

    @stevie4711 sorry I didn't get back to this - I think I found the underlying issue a few days ago though. The GitHub version has it fixed, but there's still a bit of tweaking needed (as fixing it caused the data rate to drop).


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