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  • Puck.js hardware v1.0e is awesome. I'd suggest deferring any revision at all, if demand is increasing.

    That said, here's a small list of tweaks to consider:

    1. Preload with fun program: When BBC Micro:bit turns on, it runs through a set of interactive demos. Perhaps Puck.js could do something colorful for 10 seconds, and go to sleep. Pressing the button would stop, if it hasn't finished. Pressing the button while stopped would restart. Perhaps it's already also loaded with NFC, iBeacon, and Eddystone advertisements. Tapping the device with an Android phone could redirect to Similarly, Eddystone (and maybe iBeacon) would be ready to test. I could take a shot at writing this.

    2. Improve LED color blending: Replace 3 discrete R, G, B LEDs with a composite RGB LED. Probably save board space, too.

    3. Keyed insertion: Add asymmetrical notches to PCB and ridges to case to orient board, and ensure right-side-up. HT @ChristianW

    4. More visible battery insulator: Replace transparent battery insulator (for storage/shipping) with colored one, possibly with printed icon/message.


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