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  • I was thinking more of small tweaks to the PCB, rather than extra stuff - but I had considered a speaker previously, it's just hard to do nicely as part of the production.

    I will do a video soon showing how to add one though - it's really easy, especially if you have one of those musical christmas cards you can pull apart :)

    As I've now paid for the molds, there's actually not that much cost involved in the case itself. I'm pretty sure I'll be releasing something very barebones soon though - probably just a bare PCB with the module on, maybe with some extra pre-programmed modules alongside.

    I'd love to do something that wasn't pre-soldered at all, but the pitch of the pins on the module is so fine I don't think most people would be willing to solder them.

    I did have a post up about different silicone cases... The minimum order is 2000 of each colour, which makes it kind of difficult to invest in a whole load of shades. I think clear tinted black could work well though.


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