• Amazing this Internet thing, how we are able to have near instant communication while 3000+ mi apart!

    It must be getting late for you so I'll attempt to wrap up.

    Sorry, but what are you trying to achieve ?

    I must brush up on my German as apparently I'm not getting my point across. ;-)
    I tried to explain that in post #10 above, I'll give it another shot.

    I'd like my IoT device to power up in a state where the user need only type into the browser to gain access to a web page that would enable them to enter their ssid and p/w to gain access.

    I attmepted the JoinWifi.js example you created, but could only get a web page to render after I had viewed the router settings and visually acquired the IP in order to enter that into the browser. Trying was futile. It will be near impossible to provide simple connect instructions to users that most likely wont have a clue about router IP settings, nor how to diagnose. Look at the issues I'm having, despite having a bit of a clue as to how to continue.

    My problems were compounded by the fact the IoT device is not connected to the PC via wifi directly. It is actually connecting via the router as indicated by the failed tracrt report. That gave me the clue that maybe my TV configured router may have the default ap mode disabled. No clue why I didn't think of that a week ago despite everyone indicating that is a known ap default.

    Could the stations array [ ] be a feature completed after 1v89 ?

    Still, with all the progress today, still am unable to connect via the browser. Maybe a reboot is now required.

    Thank you for your continuing assistance.


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