• thanks @Gordon, nice work!

    I've tried with an ipad running /ide/relay and windows 10/Chrome for the web ide

    It took about 3 cycles to get it to work - however I did end up with a flashing red led!

    Then on ipad I get DISCONNECTED at the bottom.

    so you reconnect, and then need to enter the key again on the PC...

    Some feedback

    1. Please ask to update the bookmarks on WEBBLE to include https://www.espruino.com/ide/relay
    2. It doesn't look you can increase the font size on the relay key - I found it a bit hard to read
    3. There is no indication on the PC ide that the other end has disconnected? update - this did disconnect after sometime - quite a bit after the disconnect on the ipad
    4. Would it be possible to re-connect silently and retain the key so that it not needed to be re-entered?
      Perhaps the key could be picked up both ends from the url?
      Then it would not need to be typed into the settings?
      I realise there could be security implications here - just brain dumping
      if you don't update the key, and connect again on the PC - it says connected, but it isn't

      Device found (connectionId=undefined)
      [success] Connected to port Web IDE Relay
      >>> Connected to port Web IDE Relay

    So there seems to be no indication that the expired key or wrong key is used?


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