• Test Telnet. Connect on port 23 from
    IDE. If works, check or post up your http response handler function code - problem most likely in there

  • @Ollie, thank you for your quick reply - was hoping there was an alternate option above in case "If works" failed ;-)

    Had actually tried that with several IP:Port selections. After I have entered the IP:Port in the 'Connect over TCP Address' edit field and attempt to connect using the Orange button in the upper-left of the WebIDE I get, after a five second wait, a Red 'x' and 'Connection Failed' in lower right hand corner of WebIDE. I'm never able to get a dedicated :23 port to connect.

    The puzzling part, why am I able to ping from the command line? (low-level) but unable to connect from browser, nor the WebIDE via telnet.

    I'm tempted to reflash back to older 1v84 as I did see browser activity one time, but only after I had manually entered ssid and p/w into http.connect() method.


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