• Sat 2017.02.11

    I had working 1v84 for over two weeks running on an ESP8266-12 stand alone

    1v84.tve_master_363580f Copyright 2015 G.Williams

    I was able to make at least fifty plus project revisions and used save() ten plus times

    Today I decided to attempt a new (re)flash using:

    espruino_1v91.122_esp8266.tgz 2017-02-11 22:06 632K

    1v91.122 Copyright 2016 G.Williams

    acquired from:

    referenced at:
    @MaBe from ~02.07.2017 "You have to wait until the next release, or fetch a travis build"

    ESP module is booting and can be seen in Windows 10 environment. Using WebIDE I am able to use 'Send to Espruino' icon to xfer code. Functions execute when prompted from command line.

    However, save() results in immediate 'Disconnected' msg, and IDE shows orange icon in upper left. The same applies with an attempt to execute wifi.setIP(), the sole reason I performed the re-flash, in order to make use of the previously omitted setIP() function.

    Have tried reflashing, but not back to 1v84 just yet. Have restarted WebIDE and browser instances with no luck.


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