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  • Shame it didn't give you more range - that's interesting. Did you use a resistor with it or did you attach it direct?

    Would AND-ing the ouputs of b and !a with an IC, and controlling a transistor with that signal work?

    Yes, that'd work fine. If you're ok with using an AND gate then you have nothing to worry about!

    In fact, you might find that you can use an opto-isolator (wired up like the LED) to act as an AND gate, and can then drive the LED directly off that (depending how good your optoisolator is). That's be nice and easy.

    The other option is to try and power Puck.js off of a more powerful battery - you could give it a go with a power supply at 3.6v (the maximum) first and see if that helps. (Using a LiPo directly is a bad idea as that can be over 3.6v)


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