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  • Found out that I was in some wrong threads and stuff. So I regroup my stuff "here".
    Please note: I quite often edit my own posts to keep noise down so this container might get long dependent on how big the text field can be

    Presently, I have only one and have drilled out the holes of the black base. Current hold up is a female connector that I thought I had that I have lost for the area between the base to the puck.js. Allows for placement on PCB (male header going up thru the optional black base to puck with optional white cover on top) Wearables (pin thru clothes and black base to female headers)
    Some thought as how to fixate puck.js on pins but allow for operation of switch: nothing found yet
    Basic PCB preperation with size of puck.js on a PCB ardunio prototype shield: the two sets of 4 holes are ok: other holes and top surface pins need thought.

    Several bits and pieces that I need to put together, with another puch.js to make a set Lora

    Usage of child labour is a must­ield/issues

    watch for wearables as pendant and build on @MaBe excellent­373/ with hopefull neopixels 12 and 24 round stuff

    Software is another story for the hardware, with some focus on nw.js for the time being­dk with: understanding nw.js and some whys? for chome, web ide and bluetooth. Possible all in one windows 10 package for node, npm etc

    pipeline: a little puck.js on TTN?­n2483-breakout-bare-board/

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