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  • In any tutorial of using ESP8266 written that the module should be called like that

     var wifi = require("Wifi");

    But there is no Wifi.js in directory. And the terminal callback


    confirms that

    I assume that we need ESP8266WiFi.js, but the module crashes with

    WARNING: Parent must be an object - not a String, Integer, etc.
    Uncaught Error: Field or method "write" does not already exist, and can't create it on String
     at line 1 col 69
    ...og("["+JSON.stringify(a)),l.write(a),­c){var e=setTimeout(fun...
    in function "cmd" called from line 2 col 142
    ...ter AT+RST");else return b})
    in function "reset" called from line 1 col 94
    ...egister("+IPD",n);l.reset(c);return l
    in function "connect" called from line 4 col 1

    trying to complete a simple task

    var wifi = require("ESP8266WiFi");
    wifi.connect ("mySSID", {password:"myPWD"}, function (){
    console.log ("Connected to ap");
    wifi.setIP ({ip:"", gw:"", netmask:""}, function (){
    console.log ("Ip set");

    Function wifi.setIP is defined in reference but there is no such function in module.
    What I`m doing wrong?


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