• I agree with @TheAlchemist, the beginner experience with the Espruino Pico has been much better than pi and Tessel. It seems all these embedded systems vendors are thinking only of robots / IoT, and completely forgetting about wearables. I think the Espruino project has done really well in avoiding that mistake.

    The pi zero is attractive to me as a platform for an open-source product because users can write in whatever language they like. What's frustrating for me is the long boot time in every distro, since I'm making a wearable product and it shouldn't take 15 seconds to turn on!

    My end goal is to enable users to work in the language of their choosing, and I plan on supporting more than one MCU (like MicroPython). I was thinking the pi zero would be a good fit, but not if I can't get instantaneous boot.