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  • Just a quick note to say that Espruino 1v91 has been released.

    Changes in this one are:

    Bugfixes on ES6 features

    • Fix error handling in promises (returning pre-rejected promises)
    • Allow arrow functions inside nonexecuting functions

    General improvements

    • Fix potential bugs with saving code to flash memory
    • Allow HTTPS to work without a certificate specified
    • Remove some global variables that were defined in devices that didn't support them
    • BBC Microbit: Update Espruino with pin polarity, so saved code gets loaded without BTN1 pressed
    • ESP8266: Fix regression that stopped 1v90 from working
    • Added Global built-in objects like SPI1/Serial1 and Bluetooth to the index of the reference
    • Ensure tab complete/others include the Object proto even on functions/strings
    • Allow implicit conversion of hexadecimal strings to numbers

    Puck.js improvements

    • Add NRF.setLowPowerConnection(bool) to allow low power continuous connections to Puck.js
    • Making getPrimaryService more robust, with better error messages (for connecting to other pucks)
    • Added NRF.getAddress() - to get our own MAC address
    • Increase custom UUID count from 3 to 10 (when reading devices like Awox that use lots of custom 128 bit UUIDs)
    • Tweak battery percentage calculation to try and make it more linear
    • Adjust Puck.light() levels based on battery voltage
    • Fix E.hwRand()
    • Add NRF.restart() to force the restart of the Bluetooth Softdevice if required
  • Add E.setLowPowerConnection(bool) to allow low power continuous connections to Puck.js

    Nice!! That didn't take long.


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