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  • This may be overkill, but I had an idea for something like Chrome Experiments meets JSFiddle for Puck.js. Where you can browse interesting projects and examples, try them out on your puck right away, and then edit the code. And easily add your own experiments/projects to the collection.

    But that sounds like a lot of work :)

    What I'd want to see on is an initial example that's super easy but immediately demonstrates how fun it can be. For example, after connecting, simply hit the button and something magical happens on the page. Maybe not unicorns and rainbows, but something crazy would be fun.

    Then, being mightily impressed, I'd like to be able to write some code myself, and see what other people are making. So there has to be links to the Web IDE and some good examples.

    But rather than just linking to examples, maybe having a short presentation of each? That way it's easier to get an impression of what they actually do, and what's possible to make with Puck.js.


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