• No. I had two objectives, getting my sdcard in esp8266 to work and keeping the changes as small as possible to ease the integration in Espruino. The API of versions >10 was changed or rather expanded (f_findfirst(), f_findnext(), f_findclose(), f_expand(), changed behavior of f_readdir(), f_rename() and f_lseek(), added codepages, added exFAT). On the other side, the problematic option _WORD_ACCESS was removed in Version 12. ;-)

    I would try to integrate the latest version in Expruino, but I'm not very skilled in C/Makefiles/filesystems. Do you have the time to check my results? Did anyone request the extra features of later versions so far? Is there enough space left in the official devices?

  • Thanks - it looks like a Gordon has merged the changes on github.

    I'm currently working with @jumjum porting espruino to the esp32, which has much more resources. I'm looking at integrating the i2c and spi libs at present, so this work you have done with sd cards will be useful. There is a native virtual file system with the esp-idf, however the espruino implemention should sit on top of the spi code and just work.


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