• @Wilberforce Sorry for the delay! Finally I've prepared the suggested pull request for you, but sadly my lib upgrade doesn't repair the esp8266 build by itself like I thought it would.

    By simply overwriting all files with the updated library, the esp8266 build worked. For the pull request I tried to carefully to adopt all changes from the espruino configuration to the new library, which results in a crash in fs.readdir() on esp8266.

    The real reason for the crashes on esp8266 lies in libs/filesystem/fat_sd/ffconf.h. For esp8266, the #define _WORD_ACCESS must be set to zero, maybe because of alignment restrictions on the LX106. Maybe someone more experienced than me is able to wrap the define _WORD_ACCESS 0 with an ifdef ESP8266_BOARD?

  • Thanks. I saw the pull request on github.

    Some of the esp memory reads need to be on four byte boundaries, so perhaps this is what is going on?

    Did you try on a later version of the library, it looks like it is up to version 13, rather than 10c?


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