• That's great news!

    I use:


    • Espruino IDE (obviously!)
    • Atom text editor (or gedit/nano for quick things)
    • Linux (or often Chromebook when developing with Espruino)

    Lower level Software

    • I use ssh quite a lot to work with things like Raspberry Pi
    • Espruino command-line tools (sometimes - especially when using on something like a pi)
    • Eclipse for more serious C code editing
    • GCC for compiling C code
    • GDB with nRF52DK or STMLink for debugging hardware


    • Eagle CAD for designing circuits
    • DirtyPCBs or OSHPark for getting PCBs made (OSHPark is great if you need a handful of small PCBs, DirtyPCBs is better for larger sizes and volumes)


    • OpenSCAD for designing 3D models (it's not great, but is ok for what I do usually)
    • https://i.materialise.com/ for getting 3D print prototypes done


    • I also use Inkscape for vector graphics
    • GIMP for editing photos
    • ImageMagick for bulk-editing of photos (resize all my 50%, making GIFs, etc)

    Pretty much all the software I use is free - although I pay for Eagle CAD (as a maker doing small stuff it'll be free for you though). It's also multiplatform usually so most software should be available on other platforms

    Hope that helps!


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