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    1. Battery - yes, it's a pain. As things improve I hope it'll become less and less likely that this is needed. Shorting out the battery for a fraction of a second isn't hugely bad - it'll just reduce your battery's life a bit - it's a dead easy way of resetting since power and GND pins are so close, but if you can do it by disconnecting the battery it's obviously much easier.

    2. Flashing - it'll be part of the Web IDE soon (at least via Web Bluetooth). Nordic have said they're coming up with a Web Bluetooth flashing tool, so I'm just waiting for them.

    3. Hub - I think a setup script could help a lot here... Just 'copy raspbian to the SD card, run this file'. I hope eventually I might be able to do pre-flashed SD cards or maybe even sell a kit with everything pre-installed, but the software isn't really mature enough right now.

    4. Serial/power: Adding USB-serial and USB power to the Puck only requires a $5 USB-TTL adaptor and soldering 4 wires though, so it's not too difficult a task.

    Puck Jacket - that could be interesting - perhaps it could use Pogo pins and a case could be 3D printed such that the existing silicone top still fitted? At some point it starts to be more sensible just to put the module itself onto a new PCB though - it's something I'm considering doing at some point (a small PCB in the Espruino WiFi form factor)

    1. I use a little cable between the GND and RST pads. Isn't that pretty much the same? Seems slightly more elegant?
    2. That will be so great!!!

    I would also certainly be very interested in the Puck Jacket. Especially if it has the pogo pins. If someone produces it, I will be in!


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