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  • Love my Pucks, let me say up front that @Gordon has done a fabulous job and I know it's a work in progress. But there are some issues I'm contending with.

    1. Battery out. It's not obvious how often you'll need to do this at first. But you will. The battery is hard to remove. A reset/power down button would be good - or better access to battery.

    2. Flashing. Reverting to Apple/Android smartphones to flash, seems like hard work. We could use a flash routine via the IDE or similar desktop tool, where we are programming the Puck.

    3. Hub software. My eyes glaze over when I see the setup routine for that on a Raspberry Pi. A few have set it up and had no luck running it. I think someone has forked it and had some success. It just seems hard for the sort of person who might buy a Puck - when open to all - commercially. Again I understand this was a stretch goal of the Kickstarter, so the current incarnation isn't what it might look like eventually, but I'm interested in where this project might end up and whether there are other tools available.

    Unrelated but relevant...

    1. Builds. Some, such as ESP8266 build, seem to have broken. I know this is not mainline, but I understood the ESP8266 specifics were pretty stable. I've no idea if Puck additions have impacted the build for ESP8266, but it correlates. We'd all like the latest version of Espruino however we are using it.

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