• Using a 3-Axis Magnetometer as a compass.

    • Vertical axis is the Yaw axis
      This leaves two remaining axis
    • The heading or roll axis points in the direction of travel
    • The remaining horizontal axis is the pitch axis that points left and right from the heading axis.
    • To get a heading we use the atan2 function and then adjust to a 0 to 360 degree range
    • If(ww<0) ww+=360
    • Atan2 produces values in radians so we define pirate= 180/pi to get degrees
    • In the following table pay attention to the sign of the axis values

    Heading Roll Pitch Pirate*Atan2(Roll,Pitch) Adjust
    North 1 0 0 0
    NorthEast 1 1 45 45
    East 0 1 90 90
    SouthEast -1 1 135 135
    South -1 0 180 180
    SouthWest -1 -1 -135 225
    West 0 -1 -90 270
    NorthWest 1 -1 -45 315

    *Magnetometer axis usually have an offset that needs to be corrected so that no field produces a zero value. x1= x - xoffset, y1= y-yoffset, z1= z-zoffset;

    • You must assign the X,Y, and Z axis to the Roll, Pitch and Yaw axis based on the mounting of the magnetometer.
    • The roll or pitch readings from the mgnetometer may need to be negated to get the proper heading, as the direction of the assigned axis may be reversed from the Roll, Pith and Yaw axis as define in the table.

    Use the attached trycompass.js file as a starting point. Attention Puck experimenters!
    (still puzzling as to why the markdown table above doesn't display correctly?)

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