• I'm giving my parents a Qigong button for Christmas. They perform Qigong every morning, by playing an MP3 file of an old Chinese sage offering instructions in Engrish with traditional Chinese music in the background. They just play the MP3 file on their mobile phones, which takes a while to get set up, and sounds horrible.

    My gift will be a Puck with the Yin/Yang symbol painted on it. When they press the button, it will (hopefully) connect to my dad's Mac and play the MP3 file over our living room speakers. I'm thinking of using Node and noble on the Mac to receive the signal and play the MP3 file.

    Should be a fun project and a nice gift :)

  • @Joakim Sounds like a cool project. I'd thought about doing something similar, though more of a soundboard-type project for work. Hadn't heard of noble before. Will check that out.

  • @benddennis You should check out https://github.com/audiojs as well, looks like a nice set of audio utilities for Node.

    I love how such a simple interface as a button can open up for so many interesting ideas. Must be really cool to use Puck.js if you're just getting started with programming, it's a magic button! It's of course just as much fun for those of us who like to create interesting stuff with code :)

    (Edit: Moved the rest of my comment a new post in Projects as it got quite long..)


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