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  • Thanks!

    I actually had this issue just now, and as you say the following lines do fix it:

    var f = require("Flash");
    f.erasePage((120 - 3) * 4096);
    f.erasePage((120 - 2) * 4096);
    f.erasePage((120 - 1) * 4096);

    Both E.setBootCode() and reset() caused the Puck to drop the connection and restart as you say.

    Please, if anyone has this happen again, please can you post up what you did beforehand that may have made it happen? I'd really like to find a way to reproduce this so I can get to the bottom of it.

  • Hi, my Puck had the same thing happening again on the Puck which was showing it initially, just yesterday. Actually at some point I had it happening on all three. I think I did nothing special, just upload new code. Two things which are just impressions without being sure:

    • I think it never happened with 1.89, just with 1.90
    • I got the feeling that it happens after a number of uploads. Then if you erase it's gone for a while and then comes back.

    Just wanted to stress that there is no evidence about the impressions above. I was not able to reproduce it systematically.


    One more things: Doing a dump() in that situation showed first the normal code and then an endless line of those Yen characters being dumped to the Web UI. It looks like a missing '\0' character at the end or so. Again, just an impression.


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