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  • I did a video about this on friday too:Ā­

    If you can find the sequence of pulses needed for your TV online then yes, you really can just put the times in millisecond, separated by commas, into the [] in @MattC's code above (times for on, then off, then on, then off, etc).

    @MattC that irdb website looks excellent. I can't seem to find and easy way on there to get the raw numbers, but that other post you found seems to explain it pretty well.

    I guess it should be pretty easy to make a little library that could take the pronto hex codes and send them directly?

  • @Gordon on the irdb website once you pick your device there are tabs for Pronto Hex, Hex and Raw codes (which you probably saw) but for some reason not all codes on the site have raw times, my LG tv luckily had the raw times but for a sony TV they were blank so I had to calculate them from the pronto codes.

    There seems to be a few Arduino libraries which can send pronto hex codes, perhaps these could be converted for Espruino.


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