• I want to monitor the temperature one of my pucks. It is now installed in my freezer.
    Initially I wanted to do this monitoring from a RaspberryPi v3 running Jessie which is about 4m behind the freezer through a wall but I would prefer the temp to be broadcast via BLE so that this sensor is readable by tools such as gatttool on the RaspberryPi and other devices that support BLE eg my Android phone.

    So far I can (1) connect to it from my Raspberrypi using CLI....

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ espruino -p f2:91:92:05:xx:xx
    Espruino Command-line Tool 0.0.26
    Connecting to 'f2:91:92:05:39:ce'

    and (2) read the temperature using the built in function E.getTemperature()

    >console.log("Temp is "+E.getTemperature()+"°C");
    Temp is -26.5°C

    Now that I know the radio transmission path is OK and the sensor is working the next challenge is to get this puck broadcasting the temp. To maximise battery life I don't want to connect to the puck each time I want a temperature reading; instead I would like to receive data over BLE like a beacon.

    Has anyone cracked sensor readings from the puck using the BLE broadcast features?



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