• Amps are like Watts - they're an instantaneous power measurement. The watch battery in the Puck is rated at something like 220mAh, so it'll provide 0.22 Amps for an hour - and then it's flat.

    So it's basically what you're doing. The value you get of 0,1752 is basically the size of battery (in Amp-hours) that you'd need to run it for a year.

    Often what you care about is how long it'll run given a battery size you know - in which case 220mAh / (20 uA * 24 * 365) gives you the number of years.

    You can stop advertising with NRF.sleep() but then the Puck is effectively dead, until you wake it up - maybe in response to a button press with NRF.wake().

    What battery life are you trying to get? In most cases I'd suggest just leaving it advertising - maybe reducing the advertising interval to nearer once a second and lowering the transmit power.


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