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  • Hi - I'll post schematics up soon, but basically:

    The pins (and some pads) on the board are labelled as D0,D1,etc - you can just use that directly in your code, so digitalWrite(D0,1).

    I2C/SPI/UART/PWM/OneWire can work in any combination on any pins. The numbers correspond directly to the nRF52's pins, so for more info you can look on the chip datasheet if you need. The actual pin holes on the board mostly support analog in - but try with analogRead - it should complain if they don't.

    Right now:

    • There is only one hardware PWM exposed - that'll be fixed in a new firmware soon. You can get around it by forcing soft PWM with forceSoft:true at the end of the analogWrite command.
    • UART is fine, but when enabled it has to leave the high speed clock on so drains the battery. Setting both pins to something else will disable it.
    • You have just one I2C and one SPI, but you can use multiple software versions of each on any pins you want. Right now it's not substantially slower

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