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  • Looks like i was wrong about soft:true, but I just had a quick look and you can get something working with the following:

    function t() {
      analogWrite(LED1,0.1+0.09*Math.sin(getTi­me()), {freq:100,forceSoft:true});
      analogWrite(LED2,0.1+0.09*Math.sin(getTi­me()*1.2324), {freq:100,forceSoft:true});
      analogWrite(LED3,0.1+0.09*Math.sin(getTi­me()*1.4634), {freq:100,forceSoft:true});
    setInterval(t, 50);

    Looks like there's a glitch with multiple soft PWM when you give some a value of 0 though (hence the 0.1+0.09*x).


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