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  • Ahh, that's probably it - if you pull again (EspruinoTools, not just the WebIDE) then it'll be fixed.

    Actually you're in luck! See the 1v88 release thread

    You can use template literals, which are part of ES6 JavaScript and which can do multiline.

    Only thing that doesn't work right now (I just realised) is the console doesn't understand - so you need to wrap them in brackets if you're defining them on the root scope.

    edit: and if you grab a cutting edge build that'll be fixed too :)

  • Pulled again, yes - that's better - now all the : and > stripped when copy/pasting. Will get hold of v1.88 soon.

    Also you probably know git clone --recursive takes care of the submodule dependency so that git pull is sufficient to update that too (certainly in 2.7.4) which is much easier than cloning separately and pulling separately, but the README on the IDE repo does not reflect this. Maybe I will update, if ok?


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