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  • Reading the comments, there is a discussion starting "do we need 2 Espruino tasks" From my point of view this would be one option only to use multiple tasks. Mention the 2-core Espruino option in was accidently begin of a wrong question.
    Writing this, I'm absolutely sure, if we can do 2 tasks running Espruino, there will be some guys using that, if we like it or not.

    Looking back to history, there was a time where so called mini-computers (mini not micro) have been as powerful as ESP32 is today. Several OS have been on the market and all of them supported multitasking. And there was a good reason for that.

    Today we have this chip supporting multitasking, lets discuss how Espruino could support multitasking.
    One big question is sharing data between tasks, queues and semaphores are a way to do this. Another question is task handling, and some more will come up.
    Thats what I wanted to discuss, not "do we need 2 Espruino tasks". As I can see, my first post was misleading, sorry for that.


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