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  • For me ESP32 is like a (power hungry and power devouring EspruinoWifi on stereoids... The operation of the extra HW resources - 2 cores, higher clock rate/speed, more memory - and the extra SW resources - more versatile and more amout of code - come just not for free...

    The choice of, for example, EspruinoWifi vs ESP32 boils down to all aspects of the application requirements. We know that the ESP8266 network stack and the serial communication and its ramifications pose restrictions and burdens in various ways, such as more work on Espruino side, they both ESP8266 and Espruino have at this time outgrown their growing pain in quality (and function and tooling), and that is something that ESP32 still has to go through... and more so since some of ESP32's (final - initial version 1.000000) pieces are not even 'born' yet ;).

    From all the pieces that go into the ESP32 is mostlikele the Espruino piece and for sure its Javascript part the most robust and advanced one, similar to RTOS. With a successful integration of Espruino Javascript and RTOS, and RTOS and ESP32 hardware and grown up ESP networking stack, ESP32 as a whole will be a powerful and quite versatile IoT field player: the 'Onion' in JavaScript... the 'perfect and easy' to program 'EspruinoIoTHub' ... Espruino io t(h)ub... EspruinoHub ;)


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