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  • Shame about the SPI/I2c - but if you're up to date with the current Espruino branch, you should be able to handle both of those in software pretty well?

    Do the two cores share an address space, and is there any coherency? I guess that could change how you approach it pretty drastically...

    Personally, I'd try and getting Espruino running on the non-Wifi core with it as much real-time control as possible (using interrupts for the utility timer and serial, and making sure Wifi doesn't use any CPU time) - then handling whatever tasks you can (eg HTTP server) on the Wifi core.

    There's jsiQueueEvent and similar functions that could form quite a nice place to split between the two cores. Having an easy method to handle callbacks from the second CPU core could mean that it'd be much easier to hand tasks to it from JS.

    For example things like FFT (I'm struggling to think of other intensive things :) ) could work on the second core and could then call back when complete.


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