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  • Looking at a different module­WiFi.js
    This looks like the relevant place to make the modification.

    /* Create a WiFi access point allowing stations to connect.
         ssid - the AP's SSID
         options.password - the password - must be at least 8 characters (or 10 if all numbers)
         options.authMode - "open", "wpa2", "wpa", "wpa_wpa2" - the channel of the AP
    exports.startAP = function(ssid, options, callback) {  
      options = options||{};
      if (!options.password || options.password.length<8) throw new Error("Password must be at least 8 characters");
      var enc = options.password?"3":"0"; // wpa2 or open
      if (options.authMode) {
        if (enc===undefined) throw new Error("Unknown authMode "+options.authMode);
      if (;
      turnOn(MODE.AP, function(err) {
        if (err) return callback(err);
        at.cmd("AT+CWSAP="+JSON.stringify(ssid)+­","+JSON.stringify(options.password)+","­","+enc+"\r\n", 5000, function(cwm) {
          if (cwm!="OK") callback("CWSAP failed: "+(cwm?cwm:"Timeout"));
          else callback(null);