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  • There is a flag (ssid hidden) for this listed in the AT commands for the ESP8266.

    1. AT+CWSAP_CUR – Current config of softAP mode
      AT+CWSAP_CUR – Set configuration of softAP mode, won’t save to Flash
      Example AT+CWSAP_CUR="ESP8266", "1234567890", 5, 3
      Command AT+CWSAP_CUR?
      Response +CWSAP_CUR:, , , , ,
      string, ESP8266 softAP’ SSID
      string, range: 8 ~ 64 bytes ASCII
      channel id

      0 OPEN
      2 WPA_PSK
      3 WPA2_PSK
      4 WPA_WPA2_PSK

      maximum count of stations that allowed to connect to ESP8266 soft-AP
      range: [1, 4]
      Broadcast SSID by default
      0 broadcast SSID of ESP8266 soft-AP
      1 do not broadcast SSID of ESP8266 soft-AP
      Command AT+CWSAP_CUR=, , , [, ][, ]
      Parameters The same as above.
      This command is only available when softAP mode enable.
      ESP8266 softAP don’t support WEP.
      This configuration will NOT store in Flash.