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  • Well I'd hope any espruino would run at much lower power than a cell phone. I guess if I can just add one of those tiny adafruit boards then an on-board lipo charger isn't important. It would be great though if there was an accessible VBatt pin on the board, to power the RTC with a separate backup battery. I actually like the idea of a separate charging board, because of my weird app. I just wasn't sure it was ok to use one.

    For something like the Puck, wireless charging would be awesome. There are Qi charging coils as small as 1 cm diameter that could do the job nicely. That would allow potting the Puck in a solid block of plastic (completely waterproof etc.) that you just drop onto a charger once in a while.

    Gordon, any chance of an ESP3212 shim for the existing Pico? That would be much easier than a whole new board. And does the current wifi shim work with the ESP12? Thanks.


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